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Five waters govern me first

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Five waters govern me first


   In order to implement the major decision-making actions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on sewage treatment, drainage, flood prevention, water supply, and water conservation, the "five water governance", promote the urban and rural living environment, and promote the construction of happy Shengzhou. "Chengnan New Area is an important battlefield in the Shengzhou War Zone during the Eighth Great Battle. As the core of the rising city, on the morning of April 8, Mr. Wu led the management team to participate in the "Five Waters Governance" in Zhencheng Village to clean up garbage and silt in the river. "The problem lies in the water, and the root lies on the shore." Water governance and transformation and upgrading are closely connected, mutually restrict and promote each other. The industrial transformation is the foundation. Only industrial transformation can promote the sustainable and healthy development of the economy and society. Through the "five water governance" , The implementation of the mechanism is the only way to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shengzhou's industry.

    The implementation of "Five Waters Co-governance" is a realistic need for the construction of Happy Shengzhou. There are many rivers, reservoirs and ponds in Shengzhou. The water network is dense and the mountains and rivers depend on each other. "Water is prosperous, and water is beautiful." According to the advantages and characteristics of Shengzhou, in order to achieve the development goals of promoting leapfrog development and co-creating and sharing happiness in Shengzhou, we must use sufficient water advantages on a larger scale, do a good job of water resources, and accelerate the construction of cultural characteristics and beautiful ecological landscape tourism city.


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