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Mintel Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., welcome to join...


Recruitment: 1 automation engineer


·Age: 20-40 ·Sex: No limit ·Education: Junior College ·Release Date: 2017-01-01

·Address: Shanghai ·Work Type: Full-time ·Work Experience: One Year ·Validity: 60 days


Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electrical automation
2. Strong sense of responsibility, careful work, patience
3. Strong sense of communication and enthusiasm
4. Conscientious, enterprising, able to express personal views clearly, Clear logical thinking and good teamwork spirit
5. This position welcomes outstanding fresh graduates, and has a systematic training mechanism
6. Acceptable business trips and distributes work in different places
7. Welfare treatment: 1. Scientific and reasonable performance appraisal system 2. 、Purchase five insurances and one housing fund for employees, so that employees have no worries. 3. Humanized management system and dedicated guidance allow employees to quickly integrate into the new environment and grow.
Note: Welcome graduates to apply for employment 

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