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The first labor skills competition

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The first labor skills competition


On March 25, the gold processing workshop organized the first Mintel Labor Skills Competition, the theme of which was quality, innovation, dedication, and progress. The competition activities included output, quality, safety, on-site 5S, labor discipline, cost and innovation. In order to improve the technical level, encourage advancement, and enhance the cohesion of the company; inspire the majority of employees to enhance their skills, increase their enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and create a working atmosphere in the workshop to learn advanced, catch up with advanced, learn skills, and compare technology , To further improve labor skills, comprehensive quality and corporate market competitiveness.


From the perspective of internal qualitative regulations, labor competition is its value concept of "dedication, catching up, and striving for the top", and corporate culture is "common values, codes of conduct and codes of conduct generally accepted by the majority of employees." Labor competition is to test our business technology and labor skills. In your daily work, you work hard, think hard, learn, accumulate knowledge, and accumulate. In the competition, you can be confident and develop your greatest potential. According to the current three teams as the main body, the players must operate according to the SOP in the skill competition. If there is a violation of the operation method, the corresponding points will be deducted. Based on the processing of 80 aluminum valves, the processing time of each player is recorded. The Minister, the Minister of Quality Control, the Minister of Technology, and the Director of the R&D Center serve as judges to check whether the product quality meets the requirements and score the results.


The competition between teams promotes the labor competition mechanism of the entire workshop, which improves the quality of the entire workshop in all aspects.




Concentration contest

Inspection quality and scoring

Ministers present awards to the winners

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