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Conquer Siming Mountain and challenge yourself

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Conquer Siming Mountain and challenge yourself


We are the Mintel Youth League team, and I am the leader of this team. From planning the team building activities and organizing members to the final launch, we have made sufficient preparations. Everyone was full of interest from the beginning, chatting and laughing along the way, and weak in the middle, seeing a mountain road with no scenery at all, fallen leaves, branches, rocks, thorns...the unscrupulously flooded it and sprouted retreat until the last To restore self-confidence, there are too many hand in hand, proactive and mutual help. At the moment of reaching the top, each of us was filled with happiness, which was the joy of challenging ourselves to succeed.

Those who really enjoy climbing are actually not at the top of the mountain, but at the process, because the real scenery is along the way. This is also the meaning of our team's existence, enhancing mutual trust, fostering our spirit of collaboration, and methods of stress release, so that our team members have a more positive and optimistic attitude towards life and work. Mintel Youth League team, welcome to join!




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