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What is lean production

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What is lean production


Lean Production (Lean Production referred to as LP) is also called Lean Manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing)
Lean Production (Lean Production) is also known as excellent production, where "precision" means fine, precise, and exquisite; "benefit" means benefit, efficiency, and so on. Lean production is to manufacture in time, eliminate failures, eliminate all waste, and march towards zero defects and zero inventory. It was proposed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a research project called the "International Automobile Program". After doing a lot of investigations and comparisons, they believe that the production method of Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan is the most suitable method of production organization and management for modern manufacturing enterprises, which is called lean production, in order to target the excessive and bloated mass production methods in the United States Ills. Lean production integrates the advantages of mass production and single-piece production, and strives to achieve low-cost production of multiple varieties and high-quality products in mass production.
The advantages and significance of lean production
Compared with mass production methods, the advantages of lean production methods adopted in Japan are mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. Human resources required—whether in product development, production systems, or other departments of the factory, compared with factories under mass production, the minimum can be reduced to 1/2.
2. New product development cycle-the minimum can be reduced to 1/2 or 2/3.
3. The inventory of products in the production process can be reduced to at least 1/10 of the general level in mass production.
4. The space occupied by the factory can be reduced to at least 1/2 of the mass production method.
5. Finished product inventory-the lowest can be reduced to 1/4 of the average inventory level in mass production.
Lean production is a production technology and management technology that thoroughly pursues rationality and efficiency in production, and can flexibly produce high-quality products that meet various needs. Its basic principles and many methods have positive significance for manufacturing. The core of lean production, that is, the basic ideals about production planning and control and inventory management, also plays an important role in enriching and developing modern production management theories.
Lean production core
1. Pursue the core of production
Lean production is a production system that pursues no-stock production or minimizes inventory. For this purpose, a series of specific methods including "kanban" have been developed, and a unique production and management system has been gradually formed .
2. Pursue rapid response, that is, quickly respond to market changes.
In order to quickly respond to market changes, lean producers have developed cell production, fixed-variable production and other layouts and production programming methods.
3. Harmony and unity of the internal and external environments of the enterprise
The key to the success of the lean production method is to harmoniously unify the company's internal activities and external market (customer) needs with the company's development goals.
4. Humanism
Lean production emphasizes the importance of human resources, and regards the wisdom and creativity of employees as the precious wealth of the company and the driving force for future development a. Fully respect employees; b. Emphasize training; c. Work together.
5. Inventory is the "curse"
High inventory is one of the characteristics of mass production methods. Due to the unstable operation of equipment, unreasonable work arrangements, high scrap rate and unbalanced production, there are often untimely delivery phenomena, and inventory is regarded as an indispensable "buffer". However, lean production considers inventory to be the "scourge" of enterprises. The main reasons are: 1. Inventory increases operating costs; 2. Inventory conceals the problems of enterprises.
The characteristics of lean production
Pull-type just-in-time production
Taking the needs of the end user as the starting point of production, emphasizing the balance of logistics, pursuing zero inventory, the parts processed in the previous process can immediately enter a process.
Organizing the production line relies on a form called Kanban. That is to say, the information required by the next and the next is delivered by the kanban (the form of the kanban is not limited, the key is to be able to transmit information). The tempo in production can be controlled by manual intervention, but the focus is on ensuring the balance of logistics in production (for each process, it is to ensure the punctual supply of the backward process). Due to the use of pull production, the scheduling of the production plan is essentially completed by each production unit itself, and the centralized plan is not adopted in the form, but the coordination between the production units during the operation is extremely necessary.
Total quality management
Emphasize that quality is produced rather than inspected, and the final quality is guaranteed by quality management in production. In the production process, quality inspection and control are carried out in every process. The emphasis is on cultivating the quality awareness of each employee, paying attention to quality inspection and control during each process, and ensuring that quality problems are found in time. If quality problems are found during the production process, production can be stopped immediately until the problem is solved. Never guarantee that there will be no invalid processing of substandard products,
For the quality problems that arise, it is generally the organization of related technical and production personnel as a team to work together to resolve them as soon as possible.

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