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Carry on the past and open the future, and strive to build a first-class enterprise

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Carry on the past and open the future, and strive to build a first-class enterprise


Independent innovation ability and market competitiveness are the keys to a company's survival. With these two major tasks on your shoulders, you can only strengthen your confidence and take every step steadily.
1. Build quality and lead the market
After the company's hard work in the last five years, Mintel finally got out of the predicament, unsheathed its sword and won the market. We have already occupied half of the domestic auto brands. We have cooperated with SAIC-GM-Wuling, BAIC, Changan and other OEMs. The company set up a research and development center in 2009 and won the honor of provincial-level "Enterprise Technology Center" in 2015. Awarded the honor of "Provincial Technology-based Small and Medium Enterprises". The R&D center consists of two powerful departments: the first technology department (mainly manufacturing and serving equipment supporting the production of products) and the second technology department (mainly developing new products). Adhere to the principle of combining infrastructure construction and talent team construction, increase the training of high-level scientific and technological innovation talents and teams; adhere to both planning and construction and strengthening management, promote the scientific and standardized management of the "R&D center", and establish a sound Operate the management mechanism, drive technological innovation with institutional innovation, and vigorously improve the original innovation ability, technological achievement transformation ability and technological innovation service ability of the "R&D center", and lay a good foundation for the application of national high-tech enterprises, so that the "center" will become an enhanced company. Province’s scientific and technological innovation capabilities for automotive air-conditioning thermal expansion valves, an important scientific research base and technology, achievement transformation center and talent training base for obtaining key technologies and independent intellectual property rights in the automotive air-conditioning thermal expansion valve industry, and walking in the domestic automotive air-conditioning thermal expansion in terms of technological innovation The forefront of the valve industry, and catch up with the international advanced level in some areas.
2. Establish a window and open up two major sections of technology and market
Relying on the location advantages of Shanghai, we will do a good job in marketing and technology. Based on the advantages of Zhejiang's population and large areas, an expansion valve manufacturing base has been established in Shengzhou, Zhejiang, and a marketing window has been established in Shanghai, which has strong market and technology. Set up a branch in Shanghai in May to lead the development of the market. After 10 years of trials and hardships, Shanghai Minte Company has accumulated rich marketing experience and opened up internationally renowned automobile manufacturing industries such as Songzhi and Air Conditioning International.
3. Committed to work hard, do fine and professional
Facing the new temptation of the market economy. Mr. Wu is still firm on his own development path. He said: We must specialize in expansion valves, and make this single product refined and specialized.
Strive to build a first-class enterprise. The so-called first-class enterprises are the benchmarks of an industry. Only when they are sophisticated, specialized, have forward-looking understanding and keenness, and can lead the development of the industry can they meet the benchmarks. Therefore, as an entity entrepreneur, you can only gain market share by doing professional work. In January, I participated in the 2016 Supplier Conference held by Songzhi Co., Ltd. and won the honor of "Excellent Supplier". This honor represents the long-term affirmation of the quality of our company's products and encourages us to continue to forge ahead and work together to promote Technological innovation has moved to a higher level.
The company persists in the pursuit of providing customers with the most advanced product design solutions, the most reliable product quality and the most assured service, and continues to develop and innovate, and strive to become an excellent automotive air-conditioning company.

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