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The first QC results conference of Mintel Automotive Air Conditioning was successfully held

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-10
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The first QC results conference of Mintel Automotive Air Conditioning was successfully held


On March 22, the first stage QC results report meeting was held in the multifunctional hall on the second floor of the company. The report meeting was organized by Wu Wenwen, assistant to the general manager. At this stage, 3 groups of members submitted quality results reports. "Valve body leakage", "valve body residual burrs" and other topics were analyzed in detail, and the reasons for the selection of the respective QC topics were introduced. The quality problems in the above three aspects are often caused by negligence due to minor problems. Customers often Feedback. Therefore, members of each QC team conducted analysis of the main causes of their issues, effect inspections, implementation of countermeasures, consolidation measures, and test results

  Finally, the assistant to the general manager commented on each QC result one by one, allowing the team members to discover their own problems and deficiencies that need to be improved, and made several points that need to be paid attention to in the QC report process, so that everyone in the room The team members recognized the importance of QC activities.
This QC achievement report is actually the initial stage for everyone to learn and improve. Through everyone looking for topics every month, a QC achievement report is conducted every three months, so as to train everyone to use the seven QC methods reasonably and proceed through the four stages of the PDCA cycle. The selection of the subject content, using the strength and wisdom of the team to solve the quality problems in actual work, so as to truly achieve the effect of lean production management.


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