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Minte war wolves set off again

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Minte war wolves set off again


To ask what is the hottest movie recently, there is no doubt that it is "Wolf Warrior 2", which has exceeded 1.9 billion box office in 8 days. On the evening of August 6, the company organized everyone to watch this movie together, so that we, who had been working hard for a week, could relax and relax on Sunday night. I’m particularly excited about organizing this movie. Some of us are busy with family affairs and don’t have time to watch movies on weekdays. Colleagues who haven’t been in the cinema for several years can finally take this opportunity to enter the cinema. By watching the movie, everyone further realizes that only the spirit of craftsmanship can produce high-quality products. This will improve employees' awareness of product quality and cherish people and things around them, promote colleagues to live in harmony, and create a harmonious team culture. Plays an important role.

I remember that in our annual employee survey questionnaire, there is a "Are you willing to continue to work in the company?" For the past three years, I chose Yes every year. This year, I have no reason to choose No. The spirit behind "Wolf Warrior 2" is mapped to our Mintel company, and it is worthy of our Mintel people's thinking. The bloodliness, integrity and will it exhibits, and the "tough guy" spirit that dares to take on, are the precious spiritual food needed by the expansion valve industry. Focusing on the automotive industry, it should be supported by the spirit of "War Wolf", adhere to the essence of "quality", and always adhere to the bottom line of safety, while continuously strengthening platform risk control capabilities and technical safety, accept the supervision of the industry and regulatory authorities, and be brave to face the increasing intensity Market competition.

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