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Staff Mobilization Conference

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-10
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Staff Mobilization Conference


On the afternoon of December 9, Mr. Wu organized a staff mobilization meeting during off-duty hours. The main purpose is to sum up experience, safe production, and mutual encouragement for future development.


Founded in 1988, Mintel has experienced fierce competition in the domestic industry, withstood the impact of the global financial turmoil, and has gone through more than 20 years of ups and downs. We developed from the initial family workshop-style production to modern automatic production, the company has gone through an unusual leap. The growth of the company is inseparable from the hard work of all employees over the years. The meeting arranged for the new Minister of Manufacturing Wang Jiawei to take the stage to give a speech. Minister Wang pointed out: The Spring Festival is approaching. In busy work, production is not the first, but safety is the first. To increase the business volume, we must first thank the family for working overtime and hard work. Wenwen announced at the meeting: Mintel is the employees' home, and we must create conditions as much as possible so that employees can eat better, live more comfortably, and work more at ease.

You are fortunate enough to enter the Mintel company. We are also fortunate to have cooperation with you. We will spend your years in the company on the basis of mutual trust and mutual understanding. This kind of understanding and trust is the bridge and bond for us to struggle happily. Our ministers and supervisors are also promoted step by step from the positions of ordinary employees. You must strictly abide by the factory rules and regulations, strictly abide by the operating procedures, pay attention to safety, obey the leadership, and study the business. You may sometimes feel that the company is not truly fair and just. There is no absolute fairness, and you cannot expect too much in this regard. But in front of hardworking people, opportunities are always equal. As long as you work hard, your supervisor will understand you. To be able to withstand the test of doing good deeds and being wronged. Accept the challenge of fate and move forward unyieldingly. Without a certain degree of endurance, without many hardships, how can he become a pillar of talent. After all, one's fate is in his own hands. There will be errors in the evaluation of life, but the black and white will never be reversed. You may leave temporarily without understanding the company. We welcome you to come back, but you have to increase your psychological endurance even more. The continuous working experience is gone, and the position with your partners in the same period has increased. We would like to believe that you will take extra steps to catch up, but the time is the same for anyone.


Some of the company's various systems and managements may still be unreasonable to a certain extent. We will continue to make amendments to make them more reasonable and perfect. However, you must strictly abide by them before formal amendments. The back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and the blue is better than the blue, and the people behind are always better. Be strict in self-discipline and lenient in treating others. Stick to the truth and be good at using criticism and self-criticism to improve yourself and help others. As an ordinary employee, we must learn to do things, and to be a middle-to-senior cadre we must also learn to be a person, a real person with a high sense of responsibility.


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