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Mintel's outreach training-passion flies and composes brilliant

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Mintel's outreach training-passion flies and composes brilliant


In order to strengthen the company's cultural construction, enhance mutual communication among colleagues, and cultivate the team spirit and sense of collaboration of all employees, on April 28, the company organized all employees to conduct a two-day outreach training activity. This activity revolved around "team melting" The two themes of "Challenge yourself" and "Challenge yourself" are launched, aiming to exercise the strong will of employees and enhance the cohesion and overall centripetal force of the team. Through the development of activities, new employees can quickly integrate into the team, find a sense of collective belonging, strengthen the communication between employees, enrich the training content, and have also received good results.

During the activity, everyone was divided into several groups under the leadership of the coach, and through brainstorming in each group, a distinctive team name and a high-pitched team song were produced. Accompanied by the formation of multiple distinctive teams such as "Flying Tigers", "Storm", "Flying Eagles", and "Rookie Team", the company's expansion training activities kicked off under the lofty and ambitious and brilliant team song .

In the outreach training projects, each well-designed outreach project aroused everyone's strong interest and enthusiasm for participation. Faced with challenging projects, the team members brainstormed together, worked in unity, and successfully completed the challenges with thinking and sweat in concerted efforts, and shared the joy of success and the passion for challenges. Everyone actively participated, faced difficulties, challenged themselves boldly, team members encouraged each other, did not escape or give up, and all teams successfully completed the training of each expansion project. During the training process, the team members fully experienced the management consciousness closely related to the work, such as team trust, effective communication, empathy, rational organization, leadership, execution and teamwork.

This activity effectively enhanced the self-confidence and communication skills of the trainees, and enhanced their sense of unity and cooperation. Through mutual exchanges and learning, everyone realized the importance of mutual trust, teamwork and good innovation, which played a positive role in improving work efficiency, enhancing communication and coordination among various departments, and improving execution.


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