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Internal auditor training perception

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Internal auditor training perception


"Book" said: "Be prepared for danger in times of peace. 』Thinking is prepared, prepared for no danger, dare to follow this rule. Think of danger when you are in stability. If you think of it, you have to be on guard. With precaution, there is no harm. Mintel also attaches great importance to the awareness of risk prevention since ancient times.
In order to comprehensively improve the company's quality management level and ensure the healthy and effective operation of the company's quality management system. The company specially hired Shanghai Aiwei Enterprise ISO/TS16949 senior consultant Xun Xunqi to conduct IATF16949:2016 internal auditor training for company management. Through two days of learning and training, Mintel people have a deeper understanding of the systematic management methods in the quality management system.


In the training, teachers often mentioned management methods such as "risk-based thinking", "process control methods", and "PDCA" cycles. "Risk-based thinking" can identify or identify risks, and adopt process control based on the PDCA cycle to reduce, mitigate, and eliminate risks, effectively use opportunities, and prevent unexpected results. Especially "process control", in the whole link of the establishment and operation of the system, the concept of process has been running through it.
Through training, I have a certain understanding of internal auditors.
If the company wants to develop, it must establish a complete quality management system to manage personnel and affairs, while internal auditors supervise the operation of the company’s management system, maintain and improve the operating environment of the management system, find problems in a timely manner, and target non-conformities found Supervising the relevant departments to analyze the reasons and propose improvement measures is the communication link between the leaders and the masses. Therefore, the attitude of internal auditors and the degree of knowledge of the management system determine the level of quality management of the enterprise. In any situation, internal auditors should not be sloppy, simple and simple, and they should not just stay on the surface when looking at the problem, and learn to be proficient. Using systematic theories and methods to discover the essence of the problem, the enterprise gradually enters a healthy operation.
In short, through this training, I have benefited a lot.


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