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fire drill

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fire drill


In order to do a good job in the company’s fire protection work, ensure the personal production safety of all staff, implement the basic principle of “prevention first, combining prevention and fire protection” in fire protection work to prevent sudden fire accidents, the company organized workshop personnel to carry out the work on the morning of September 13 Fire emergency rescue plan drill.

Through this exercise, not only improve the resilience and self-rescue ability of all personnel, but also enhance safety awareness and sense of responsibility. With the general manager of the enterprise as the commander-in-chief, set up a fire fighting and emergency evacuation organization. A pile of wood was placed in the open space in front of the production plant and manually ignited as the fire source of the accident. After the employees found out, they hurriedly reported to the management staff. The emergency commander immediately activated the "Fire Accident Emergency Rescue Plan", and the person in charge of each emergency organization immediately summoned the team to enter the emergency rescue state for fire fighting and rescue operations.

The fire drill was conducted in an orderly and intense manner in accordance with the predetermined plan. After the overall evacuation was in place, personnel from various departments gathered in the parking lot in front of the company's office building to conduct a personnel count. Subsequently, the safety officer instructed the members of the safety team to practice on-site fire fighting with dry powder fire extinguishers. After the drill, the commander explained fire safety emergency operations and fire escape skills for all employees, and taught everyone what to do in the event of a fire, how to correctly report to the police, put out and evacuate, and how to save themselves and escape. Finally, the commander made a general comment on the fire drill, fully affirmed the results of the drill, praised the employees for obeying the command and acting quickly, and asked everyone to further improve their awareness of safety production responsibility, and declared that the fire drill was a complete success.

Through this fire drill, the safety awareness and fire fighting ability of the personnel participating in the fire drill have been enhanced, all employees have a better understanding of fire safety common sense, and their ability to respond to fires has been improved. During the fire drill, the organization ability, command ability and adaptability of each drill team were also exercised.


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