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Huānsòng yàn 5/5000 Farewell banquet

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Huānsòng yàn 5/5000 Farewell banquet


"Years are like a song, and time is like water." On September 5, 2017, the company's chief financial officer Wang was about to retire gloriously. It really can be said that there is no feeling in my heart. Mr. Wang said in the corporate nail group: "I, Wang Yiming, will retire on September 5th, leaving Mintel to another stage in his life. During Mintel’s fifteen years, especially the first Guangzhou Six In 2003, I experienced the horrific SARS (the birthplace of the infection) in 2003, and worked with Mr. Wu in the auto parts market. I have had fun, and there have been hardships and tears... Step by step for today’s Mint The foundation has been laid. I hope you will continue to work hard for the bright future of Mintel! Your hard work will always bring fruitful results. Finally, I wish all Mintel people good health and smooth work, and I wish Mintel company full of financial resources and create brilliant future! "

"Lao Niu knows that the sunset is night, and you don’t need to raise your whip." Although President Wang is about to retire, retirement is not the end of life. If it is the first step in life before retirement, then from now on we will outline The second spring and autumn of his life. At the time of parting, the company customized a small farewell banquet for Mr. Wang and invited the company’s leadership and senior employees to practice for Mr. Wang. At the farewell banquet, everyone toasted together to congratulate Mr. Wang on his glorious retirement, and hoped that Mr. Wang would come back to guide us from time to time and give full play to his residual enthusiasm for Mintel. At that moment, our mood was not bitter, nor sweet, but a kind of sourness. The sourness was the hardship Mintel had come along, and the reluctance to miss each other.

This activity fully reflects the company’s respect and care for retired employees. It is not only a full affirmation of the work of old employees, but also an incentive for young employees. It has further harmonized the relationship between retired employees and the company, and is conducive to promoting a comprehensive and harmonious company. ,Rapid development.


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