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Cordial condolences and warm hearts

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-10
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Cordial condolences and warm hearts

Mintel employees will apply for leave at the company's Dingding Office. The Administration Department learned that two employees in the manufacturing department had applied for leave at different times. After calling to inquire, they learned that the employees' family members were sick and hospitalized. Master Ying Guohong was a fitter in our workshop and a technical backbone. His father was sick and was admitted to the ICU ward; Zhang Xiaojin was an electrical engineer in our company and a representative of a young force in our company. His lover appeared early in pregnancy. Adverse reactions, after learning the news: react sharply, act immediately.

On October 24, with Mr. Wu’s entrustment and the warmth and care of all employees of the company, the Administration Department organized to visit and sympathize with his family members. Before the hospital bed, I asked the family members carefully about their illness and treatment, and gave them condolences. At the same time, comrades Ying Guohong and Zhang Xiaojin and their families are encouraged to have confidence, maintain a good attitude, strengthen their confidence to overcome the disease, rest assured, and strive for a speedy recovery.

The employees' affairs are the company's affairs, which is the embodiment of the company's humanistic care. Put employees first, and send the company's care to every employee's heart, so that employees can deeply appreciate the warmth of the company as a big family, and bring each other closer.

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